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Commonwealth secretly discussing Queen Elizabeth’s successor?


Queen Elizabeth has reigned for over 65 years. Now, she is old, that might affect her reign. The Commonwealth thinks that she might abdicate the throne soon.

The Commonwealth has been in secret discussions for a while now, on who should succeed Queen Elizabeth as its head. 

Not only this, the reports also say that it won’t necessarily be Prince Charles. There is a high chance it could be the Duke of Cambridge, William.

Prince Charles not succeeding the Queen does not mean breaking any laws.

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The alliance of former British territories appointed Queen Elizabeth as its chief upon her coronation in the year 1953. Her Majesty took over the role of her dad, King George VI. But, there are no such rules that it will automatically pass the title to the 91-year-old’s heir, Prince Charles when she dies or abdicates.

The Queen has lobbied hard behind the scenes to make sure her son gets the gig, according to the reports.

The Commonwealth has set up a ‘high-level group’ with representatives from different countries namely, Canada, Australia, Malta, the UK, Nigeria, Barbados and Kiribati.

These countries may consider permanently changing the rules so the British monarch always remains the boss or giving a one-off appointment to the Prince of Wales, Charles.

Mr Shaw, a royal source said: 

“There are various formulas being played with actually. Should it always be the heir to the throne or Prince Charles himself? Is it really the person or the position”?

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Well, the high profiles group is expected to report to the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in April. There the members will ultimately decide on the successor.