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All the Christmas royal traditions the British royal family has to follow.


Christmas is a festival of lights and joy. The royal family celebrates it all together. However, they have some traditions they follow every year.

Here are some traditions all the royal members will have to follow.

A trip to Sandringham.

The royals traditionally visit their country house in Norfolk. It starts with the Queen making the journey by public train almost about a week prior to Christmas. This estate is smaller than most royal residences. So, only Queen Elizabeth’s closest family receives invites.

The Christmas eve tea.

On the Christmas eve, royals sit at the estate for an afternoon tea. The adults munch on scones and jam penny sandwiches, the little royals add decorations to the Christmas tree.

Exchanging gifts.

After the tea session is over, the members move on to the most fun part. They exchange the gifts they bring for each other. According to the reports, Prince Harry once gave Queen Elizabeth a shower cap with the phrase ‘Ain’t life a b*tch’ on it.

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There is always an early wake-up call for the royals the next morning. They first attend a private service at 9 a.m. when Queen Elizabeth takes communion. Then they head back to the church of St Mary Magdalene for public worship at 11 a.m.

Having a lavish lunch.

After completing the church services, all the royals go back and have their lavish meal. It mostly includes roasted turkey, traditional sides and Christmas pudding, according to former royal chef Darren McGrady.

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Queen Elizabeth gives a speech.

As the afternoon goes on, Queen Elizabeth gives her annual message that’s broadcast around the world. Well, this year, the 92-year-old reigning monarch’s expected to congratulate Harry and Meghan ob their pregnancy news.

Trying luck on Charades.

Following a light and simple buffet dinner, the evening activities include charades, jigsaw puzzles, or a movie projected onto a screen in the ballroom. According to the reports, Queen Elizabeth has an excellent impression of heads of state.