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Prince William and Prince George’s childhood in comparison.


According to Queen Elizabeth and Prince William George, Charlotte and Louis will follow the royal traditions.

So, let’s take a look at how the traditions have changed since William was a kid.

Despite the challenges that must come with growing up in Royal environment, The Royal Family has been able to keep many rituals and traditions alive.  No doubt The Queen makes sure of it, that all the traditions are still followed by each Royal.

There was a time when Prince Charles and  Princess Diana followed a lot of Royal protocols. The one protocol both failed to implement was of their sons. They broke the mould was when it came to trying to give their sons, Princes William and Prince Harry, a normal and enjoyable childhood.

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He had a rough childhood as his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had their own separate lives. For most of his childhood, he has seen his parents fighting and arguing with each other. This all led to a serious and struggles childhood for him all along.

Prince Charles with his wife, Princess Diana and son Prince William.


Prince George is living his childhood to the fullest. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were friends first. Due to which they have a happy and well-matched marriage life. Both of them are giving an equal and apt amount of time to Prince George. They are doing there best in providing him with the best they can.


Now, at present, Prince William is also seen heading towards the same path. As Kate Middleton and Prince William navigate from parenting Prince George and Princess Charlotte, with the whole world watching.

Prince Charles holding William while now Prince William is holding his son.


As reported, many similarities have been noticed. But there was an especially exciting similarity during this summer season. When Prince William and Kate Middleton took Prince George to “Trooping the Color” celebration and Prince George wore the same outfit Prince William first wore back in his first “Trooping the colour” celebration in 1984.

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