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Instances when Prince George and Princess Charlotte have broken the royal traditions.


Despite only being five years and seven years old, Charlotte and George have already shunned royal etiquette and traditions on quite a few occasions. 

We bring you some instances when the royal parents and their children have not obeyed the royal traditions.

It has become quite clear that William and Kate have always wanted to protect their children’s privacy as much as possible. For this reason, the young royals are photographed pretty much less. So, when Prince George started at the Westacre Montessori in Norwich, it was a strict ‘no pictures, please’. Instead, Kensington Palace released an adorable photo of Prince George, which was taken by his Mother. The same was done for Princess Charlotte’s big day.

Change in the order of the heir to the British throne.

The birth of William and Kate’s firstborn was always going to be important. Importantly, in terms of British royal history. Whether the firstborn was a boy or a girl, it would have been heir to the throne after his/her dad, William. Before this, the law stated was that a boy would always be heir over a girl, even if they were younger. This outdated rule was amended in 2013. This means that as far as Prince Louis is concerned he will be after his sister so Charlotte will still be fourth in line to the throne. 

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Opting for not to live in London: William and Kate first lived in Anglesey, North Wales just after getting married. But, then they opted for their Norfolk home of Anmer Hall as their main residence.

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Again, choosing the quieter county of Norfolk showed how they wanted to give them a normal childhood away from all the spotlight.

In September 2017 George started school. The chosen school was Thomas’ in Battersea. It is a private school south of the river, in London. While it’s not much far from the home in Kensington Palace, there are other schools closer to the palace. Those include the royal reputation. 

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Not being afraid to show how they really feel when among the public.

Charlotte had a bit of a reluctant attitude when having to get back on a plane in Hamburg at the end of their royal tour of Germany and Poland in 2017. By doing so she broke one of the few royal traditions. Prince George has also been observed to be looking a little sassy on more than one royal occasion.

Let us all be truthful enough, they are cute toddlers and tantrums are the thing they do. 

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