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Princess Charlotte bosses around her brother Prince George, says Queen Elizabeth.


This statement comes from the woman who actually knows quite a few things about taking the lead in the real world and is indeed good at leadership.

“The boss is always right! And who’s the boss? Princess Charlotte!”

Queen Elizabeth said in a recent interview, that 2-year-old Charlotte rules over her 4-year-old elder brother, George.

It was a normal conversation between the Queen and a 10-year-old school girl, Emily Clay. Speaking to Emily Clay, Queen Elizabeth asked if she ‘looked after’ her 6-year-old sister, Hadleigh. The mother of Emily, Ellen replied: “It’s kind of the other way around”.

Listening to it, Her Majesty came up with a reply within fraction of seconds. She said: “Oh, it’s like that with my great-grand children, Charlotte and George”.

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The exchange of conversation happened at Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

There, Emily Clay won a bible which was signed by Queen Elizabeth. It was for a school related religious education project. There is a saying: Like father, like daughter. In Emily’s case, it’s true. Her dad, Tom, won the same prize in 1990. 

Principal of Princess Charlotte told The Royal UK:

“Charlotte, is a pretty confident girl. She has settled well into her preschool. Within a few days, she has made a lot of friends. She has been enjoying her school so far”.

Queen Elizabeth is staying at her country home in Norfolk.

Her private estate is about 110 miles north of London. According our reports, she will be there until early February. Her Majesty usually remains there until after Accession Day on February 6. 

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This very day marks the day she became Queen upon the death of her father, King George VI, in 1952. In rare public comments captured on camera, Queen Elizabeth opened up about her historic 1953 coronation.