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Prince Charles wanted these names for William and Harry, but Diana said “No”.


When it comes to selecting names for a newborn, royals usually have to abide by rules that are a little stricter than ours.

The British royal names who have long favoured traditional throne-worthy monikers such as Victoria, Elizabeth, George and Philip.

Obviously, the same thing was expected when the late Princess of Wales, Diana, gave birth to her sons. However, it appears that the royals are not very dissimilar from the rest of us when it comes to being able to agree on baby names. Diana and  Charles didn’t agree on a lot of things during their tumultuous 10-year marriage, and, possibly, baby names was one of them.

Like most expecting parents, Charles and Diana had distinct opinions about what to name their children, but unlike most expectant parents, they were bound to give their children strong, royal names that would appear good with a king or queen title in front of them. The British nobility often referring past monarchs — which is why you’ll see a number of Henry Charles Albert David.

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In a recorded interview that would go on to be published in the controversial 1992 book Diana: Her Story by Andrew Morton, Diana confessed that she chose the first names for both of her newborn sons after nixing the ones Charles had in mind.

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When asked, “Who chose [Harry’s] name?,” Diana said, “I did,” adding, “I chose William and Harry, but Charles did the rest.” She went on: “He wanted Albert and Arthur, and I said no. Too old!” She may have been on to something, but William could always choose a different regnal name when he becomes king — even Prince Charles, who was christened Charles Philip Arthur George, is expected to be known as King George VII when he takes the throne.

William also paid homage to both of his parents with the names of his two children: George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Diana also revealed the heartbreaking comment that Charles made shortly after Harry’s birth: “His first comment was, ‘Oh God, it’s a boy’.”

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Diana said. “His second: ‘And he’s even got red hair.'” Charles was vocal about his desire for a daughter and reportedly told Diana’s mother at Harry’s christening, “We were so disappointed — we thought it would be a girl.” Wonder what names they would have picked out for a little princess?

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