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Prince Charles shares this candid photo with his two sons, William and Harry.


We have seen the members of the royal family, always poised and ready to go. What we haven’t seen is, their candidness and reality behind the scenes.

Well, not anymore.

A candid photo of Prince Charles with Prince William and Prince Harry was recently released. The snapshot is one of a set released in honour of their father’s 70th birthday.

The Prince of Wales’ 70th birthday is the gift that keeps on giving for fans of the royal family.

Today, a new photo was released of the future king. He was in military garb laughing alongside his two sons, William and Harry. The picture was taken in the gardens of Buckingham Palace ahead of the RAF 100 commemorations. 

It also appears to be from the same portrait session as the photo which was eventually turned into a commemorative stamp.

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This candid is just one of a new set of photos released in honour of Prince Charles’s 70th.

Getty photographer, Chris Jackson spent the past year documenting the Prince’s life. He took pictures during private moments, which were released publicly today.

Chris Jackson said:-

“I’ve spent much of the last year documenting some intimate and ‘behind the scenes’ moments with Prince Charles. It was all to celebrate his 70th Birthday”. 

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“It really has been an incredible privilege to create such an unique set of images and a huge amount of fun at the same time”.

Jackson also noted Charles’s great sense of humour in an interview.

“I think that comes across in a lot of these photos. That’s just him being him. I don’t think it’s something Prince Charles puts on for the camera. You couldn’t do it across so many facets of your life”.