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Prince Charles reveals his profound affection for THIS royal ‘She meant everything to me’.


Prince Charles revealed the Queen Mother meant everything to him in a touching tribute to the late royal. The bond they both shared, was quite strong.

Charles opened up on the affection he felt for the Queen Mother, unveiling a deep bond linking him to his loving grandmother.

The Queen Mother, who died on March 30, 2002, has been seen as a guiding light by Prince Charles throughout his life. Her death represented a devastating blow for him, who had dreaded it for years.

After her death, the Prince of Wales said:-

“To me, she meant everything. Above all, she saw the funny side in everything, and we laughed until we cried. I had dreaded this moment”.

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In a letter written in the run-up to her daughter’s return, the Queen Mother praised her grandson as ‘intensely affectionate’.

In March 1954, she wrote:-

“You may find Charles much older in a very endearing way. He is intensely affectionate. And loves you and Philip most tenderly. I am sure that he will always be a very loving and enjoyable child to you both”.

The long stays at her grandmother’s home drew them very close. He later described the Queen Mother as ‘quite simply the most magical grandmother you could possibly have’.

However, a royal author saw in their relationship the notable absence of Charles’s mother, who has been busy with her tireless royal duty since her children were toddlers.

Writing in ‘Charles Prince of Wales’, Gill Knappett said:-

“Prince Charles and Princess Anne, confined to a sheltered childhood in the nursery and schoolroom of Buckingham Palace. Also, regime led by nannies and governesses, were inevitable close as they grew up”.

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“Particularly in the early years of her daughter’s reign, the Queen Mother had filled a gap when Charles and Anne’s parents were absent”.

“Queen Elizabeth II worked tirelessly, her royal duties having to take precedence over her young family”.

“Charles’ closest relationship with a grandparent was with the Queen Mother. She adored young children and was happy to indulge in them”.