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Prince Charles refuses to replace this one thing for the most bizarre reason.


Apparently. the Prince of Wales, Charles is seen as quite frugal in the eyes of the royal palace staff. Well, that’s something new, we are hearing.

Imagine being a future KING, but still responsible with money. That’s something!

According to a British tabloid’s, reporter Rhiannon Mills, Prince Charles refused to get his sofa refurbished despite having a huge hole in it.

Speaking on Sky’s behind the headline podcast, Rhiannon revealed he made the discovery when he interviewed the Prince of Wales, Charles in 2015.

According to some reports, the royal staff tried to convince the future King.

A senior member of royal staff tried to convince Prince Charles to replace the broken sofa. Nit one, two or three, but many times. However, it didn’t work. 

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Rhiannon Mills said during the podcast:- “Her Majesty and Prince Charles, in particular, are seen as quite frugal. When I interviewed Prince Charles back in the year 2015, we were in his sitting room, the garden room at Clarence House”.

“And one of his members of staff came in and went saying, ‘‘Oh no, you’re not using that sofa’. And I said why, what’s wrong with this one”?

To which the royal staff member replied:-

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“There was a huge hole down the side of that sofa. And his member of the staff said ‘Do you know what? I always wanted him to get that sofa recovered and he just won’t do it'”.

“So we plunked up the cushions and we hid that gap in his sofa. And I thought, hang on a minute. This is the heir to the throne and he can’t be bothered to get his sofa repaired”.

Probably there was some sentimental value to the couch or something. No judgement here!