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Prince Charles: George’s first day of school are “Character Building”, but he was quite nervous.


Prince George hit a major milestone last Thursday. His 1st day of preparatory school! Despite having his father, Prince William, by his side, the 4-year-old royal looked endearingly nervous when he arrived at Thomas’s Battersea school in London.

And his grandfather, Prince of Wales, Charles, appears to know why George felt that way. “Poor old thing,” Charles told ITV News that very same day.

“He’s being left there to learn how to live independently. He should spend some time away from his parents. He should be in a habit of living independently so that when his parents are way it’s not a problem for him”.

Still, Charles believes the experience, in the end, was good for George in the end. “It’s character building, I suppose,” he added.

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Charles was additionally asked if he gave Prince George any advice before his first day? He replied in a generous manner, “Of course not. He would not take. At that age, you do not worry quite such a lot concerning attending to faculty as you are doing once you get a trifle older.”

Prince George accompanied by Britain’s Prince William, Duke of Cambridge arrives for his first day.

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Sadly, Kate dramatist conjointly wasn’t there to accompany Prince George as she is presently expecting her third kid and is another time littered with hyperemesis, however she was reported: “desperately unhappy that she could not build it.”

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