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Prince Charles might change his name when he becomes King.


When Queen Elizabeth II passes away, Prince Charles will become the next King. But it’s unlikely that he’ll keep the name Charles when that happens. 

 Wondering why? Well, here is the reason why.

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According to some reports, the title of Prince of Wales was bestowed upon Prince Charles when he was just nine years old. At 69, he’s the longest-serving heir apparent in British history.

But, that doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily keep his name.

There have been many reports regarding why Prince Charles might have to give up his name when he takes the British throne. And, all of them mainly involve the previous Kings who shared the same moniker.

Of course, King Charles I was tried, and subsequently executed in 1649, for treason. Meanwhile, his son, King Charles II, was allegedly well-known for his love affairs.

And his rule included several devastating events in the country, such as the Great Fire of London in 1666, as well as an awful bout of the disease called plague.

As such, Prince Charles might take on another name when he assumes the throne.

According to some recent and special reports, the royal might use one of his middle names when he becomes the King.

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Christened Charles Philip Arthur George, the guesses are that Prince Charles has apparently conferred with trusted friends about using his third middle name and reigning as George VII.

So far, Clarence House has reportedly denied that Prince Charles will change his name when he becomes King. But it’s certainly possible that the royal will make some major changes when he takes the Queen’s place.