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Prince Charles was having affair with Camilla just a year after he married Diana?


Princess of Wales, Diana’s private dance teacher, Anne Allan says she was ‘horrified’ by that affair. Who wouldn’t be?

She even mentioned about her learning that Prince Charles was having an affair with Camilla as early as 1982 or 1983.

Well, the shocking thing until now is, according to most reports, 1986 was the year when his affair was rekindled.

The revelation raises the possibility that Prince Charles resumed his relationship with Camilla up to four years earlier than it has ever been admitted to the public. Ms Allan’s claim, in the Channel 4 documentary, suggests that the relationship resumed probably even before.

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Prince Harry was not born until September 1984 so, according to Ms Allan’s account, the affair between Prince Charles and Camilla was going on for a very long time. They were sweethearts long before Charles met Diana, was well under way by then.

Princess Diana said:

“I love Charles. But, he loves another woman. I was happy to give it all up to go off and live with him”. It’s very hard for any woman when you love someone and you realise that perhaps they don’t love you back.

Mrs Allan said: “You all have to understand how hard that was to hear. We’re talking 1982-83 when she realised that Charles was seeing Camilla. I just remember being quite horrified. I think it made her very sad devastated. she felt she wasn’t enough”.

Diana wanted to give her marriage everything that she could.

She really wanted everybody to feel proud of her, and particularly Charles. On one of the Channel 4 tapes, Princess Diana recalls the interview, saying: ‘This ridiculous ITN man said, “Are you in love?”. So I thought, “What a tricky question”?

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I said: “Well yes, of course we are”. But you know what Charles sort of said? He said: “Whatever in love means”. This one answer by Prince Charles completely threw her away.