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REVEALED: Meghan Markle’s Real Name Isn’t actually Meghan.


Popular American and Suits actress, Meghan Markle has been indeed a successful actress for quite a few years now.  However, Markle's recently been thrust into the spotlight in a major way. All credit goes to her budding Royal romance with Prince Harry. Meghan Markle, who was last seen attending Pippa Middleton's wedding reception with Prince Harry, has indeed a

What last name will Prince George use at his school?


To say, technically it's just about a name. But, for Prince George, it's quite an important thing, actually! Prince George started his school on Thursday for $23,000 a year at Thomas’s Battersea. The school is a quick drive from his London home at Kensington Palace. Prince George is surely the school’s most famous student. The former headmaster of the school

History made by Prince Charles; Prince of Wales in the limelight again, this time for a good reason


Prince Charles just marked his name, in the history of British Royal Family, with authority. On Sunday, he touched a personal landmark milestone of becoming the longest-serving Prince of Wales in history, with 59 years, one month and 15 days on the job. Charles, 68, was officially proclaimed as the Prince of Wales by his mother Queen Elizabeth in 1969. The ceremony

Lies about school life of Queen Elizabeth; Her Majesty’s school life


Queen Elizabeth has broken many records after she ascended the throne in 1952. One less known fact is that she and her sister, Princess Margaret, were the last to be educated by private tutors from home. Up to the age of seven, Princess Elizabeth was taught by her mother in reading and writing. Actually, Queen Elizabeth never went

REVEALED: “THIS” country has never been visited by Queen Elizabeth for a very strange reason.


Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth has visited many countries during her 65 years as the reigning monarch. Yet she hasn’t visited this one particular country ever since taking the crown in 1952. Queen Elizabeth, the 91-year-old reigning monarch has travelled to many countries around the world during her reign. She has even visited some of the most far

How was Prince George’s first day in school?

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate misses taking her son, Prince George to school as she continues to suffer from severe morning sickness. "Prince George's first day at school went 'well'. The head of lower school, Helen Haslem, greeted the little Prince on his first day at the school gates before being escorted to his reception classroom. Prince George was

How Duchess of Cambridge celebrated the news of being pregnant for the third time?

Royal Baby

Earlier this week, the news flashed that Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton are expecting their third Royal child. The little Royal, be it girl or boy, will be the fifth in line to the British throne. Well, into the 21st century the British law favored male primogeniture, or that a male child has a greater right

This pic of Queen Elizabeth photo bombing a selfie will totally make your day.


While Celebrity's selfie and photo bombing have sure been a common trend nowadays (we're looking at you, Miley Cyrus...) we NEVER thought we'd see Queen Elizabeth II taking part in this trend! Well! Queen Elizabeth totally proved us wrong again, when she decided to photo bomb a selfie. She's even giving us a rarely seen smile. This picture

Prince Charles May Never Have Married Diana If This Hadn’t Happened

Prince Charles

On July 29, 1981, Prince Charles married his Royal love, Lady Diana Spencer. It was a Royal wedding which was indeed watched by 750 million people. Prince of Wales, Charles and Diana went on to have an unhappy Royal marriage filled with mere scandals. This included Charles' affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. We all know how the marriage