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Queen Elizabeth’s powerful response to ISIS threat.


We all should be celebrating right now with the news of the third royal baby but the nation is sombre: Queen’s emotional response to IS threat on the Royal Family. The Queen has urged the nation to remain strong in the "face of adversity" following the recent terror threat from ISIS. In an emotional message, she acknowledged the fact

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly ‘angry’ with Kate Middleton for a very strange reason.


The Queen of United Kingdom, Elizabeth, is infuriated by the Duchess of Cambridge’s request to lessen “the royal duties”. It has been reported that Kate wants to focus only on family, at least for now. However, a new report suggests that a rift has emerged between Prince William and his grandmother. The simple reason behind the rift is

Royal feud? Camilla Parker ‘furious after Duchess of Cambridge asks to lessen public duties’


The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker, is infuriated by the Duchess of Cambridge’s request to lessen “the royal duties”. It has been reported that Kate wants to focus only on family, at least for now. Kate Middleton has recently reduced her time in public life due to morning sickness associated with her third child.However, there has been a

The “Intimidating Truth” behind one of Diana’s most memorable dress.


Prince Charles and Princess Diana were separated in late 1992 after 11 years of marriage. By the summer of 1994 the 30-year-old Royal, mother of two, William and Harry, was single and living her life. Princess Diana was also quite a well style icon. She was indeed renowned and revered for her taste in fashion. Designers from all

You won’t BELIEVE what Queen Elizabeth need to do at the airport.


THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, ELIZABETH, is the only person in the United Kingdom who doesn’t need a passport when travelling. Nevertheless, she still has to follow a set of procedures. Queen Elizabeth is the most travelled person in the history of the Royals. She has covered thousands of air miles and taken hundreds of official duties abroad.Also read:

A new revelation about Queen Elizabeth is on the cards.


Queen Elizabeth failed to remove something personal in some new photographs. Now, the fans of the Royal Family can't believe what they've found out about the 91-year-old ruling monarch. Queen of England has left all the Royal Family fans in shock after revealing something unexpected during her latest Royal appointment. The 91-year-old monarch, Queen Elizabeth has delighted Royal Family

How to make the Queen’s favorite cocktail?


How to Make a Gin and Dubonnet, the Queen's Favorite Mocktail drink? Hint: It's easier than you think. The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, consumes up to four drinks a day. It would definitely put in her excess of the two to three drink recommended daily limits set by British and American health authorities. The 91-year-old Queen, Britain’s longest-serving monarch,

The rule diners need to follow at Buckingham Palace


You know you're the Queen and the most eminent personality when you have so much power over someone's dinner. Queen Elizabeth hates garlic very much, enjoys her alcoholic beverages (up to four a day!) and really loves her chocolate cake. But according to Stylist, the Queen's food rituals don't stop there. After the Queen takes her last bite of food, no one

Why did Princess Diana suddenly stop wearing her signature blue eyeliner?


The month September brought a Royal gossip about welcoming the third Royal child of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Just a month before, August, the world was honouring Princess of Wales, Diana. This year marks twenty years since Princess Diana's tragic death. Those who knew her closely have been sharing stories about the people’s Princess to keep

REVEALED: Meghan Markle’s Real Name Isn’t actually Meghan.


Popular American and Suits actress, Meghan Markle has been indeed a successful actress for quite a few years now.  However, Markle's recently been thrust into the spotlight in a major way. All credit goes to her budding Royal romance with Prince Harry. Meghan Markle, who was last seen attending Pippa Middleton's wedding reception with Prince Harry, has indeed a