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The Commonwealth: Why there is a question about who should succeed the Queen?


The talks are that there are chances the role as the head of the Commonwealth might not pass to Charles. Though, the Queen wants her first born to succeed. As stated earlier, the Commonwealth has started their discussions on who should take Queen Elizabeth's place after her. According to some reports, a 'high-level group' of seven former Commonwealth ministers

Prince William confirmed this claim about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.


After months of speculation, Kate Middleton's pregnancy news has been finally revealed. It's pretty exciting one. Prince William recently confirmed the news. How did he do that? Read further to know more about it. Also read: Royal Announcement: Queen Elizabeth Declares Prince William And Kate Middleton As The Future King And Queen Consort. While attending the Centrepoint Awards held at Kensington

The heartbreaking vow Prince William made to his beloved mother, Diana.


Prince Charles and Diana's divorce was depressing not only for themselves but also had a bad effect on their sons, William and Harry. They were just two kids who saw their parents getting separated.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It came as a shock to Prince William and after seeing her mother, he made a vow. When Charles and Diana ended

A ‘lasting tribute’: William & Harry announce sculptor for Princess Diana’s statue


Duke of Cambridge, William, and his brother, Prince Harry are ending a poignant year in which they have led the public memorials to their late mother Princess Diana. They have announced that a sculptor and design have been chosen to create a commemorative statue of her. They have commissioned Ian Rank-Broadley for the job. He's the sculptor behind the effigy

Where royal couples went on their honeymoon? Where Prince Harry wants to go?


For royals, everything is lavish and unique. From different countries to private and far away islands, here's where British royals headed towards after their big day for their honeymoon. 1923: QUEEN ELIZABETH AND KING GEORGE VI. After being introduced in public 1920, Elizabeth rejected the future king's proposals two times. She was prudent of the enormous responsibility of

Why It’s okay for Harry and Meghan to hold hands in public, but not for William and Kate?


When you're a member of the royal family, there are few set of royal rules, protocols and guidelines you need to follow. Everything from your clothes to food etiquette is very much scrutinized. If you haven't spent the last few years closely watching every move of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the common rule is they don't hold