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Why Queen Elizabeth’s last name sparked a lot of controversy with Prince Philip.


How Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne at just 25 years old is certainly a fascinating story. Still, the more compelling parts is hardly ever talked about.  The drama behind Elizabeth's name and how it sparked a giant feud between her husband, Prince Philip and the royal family is something that has never really been talked about. The

Queen Elizabeth’s favourite child revealed – and definitely it’s not Prince Charles

Prince Charles

The Queen and Prince Philip are mum and dad to Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward - but according to one royal expert she has an "obvious" favourite While most of us see the Queen as a dedicated monarch who has led her country for 67 years, to her four children she is just mum. Her

An unexpected guest arrives for Queen’s Christmas lunch today.


Today, all the members of the royal family gathered at the Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty's pre-Christmas lunch. This gathering also included Prince Philip. The monarch annually gathers her extended family members for the meal. It is done before leaving for Sandringham to celebrate the festive period until February. This year’s lunch is set to be particularly exciting. And why

Why Princess Elizabeth’s father almost didn’t allow her to marry Prince Philip

Prince Philip

The pair wed in November 1947, when the then-Princess Elizabeth was 21 and her groom aged 26. This year, they marked 71 years of marriage.  It's almost impossible to imagine a time when Queen Elizabeth wasn't married to Prince Philip. The Queen once said of her beloved husband: "He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years". However,