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Why Queen Elizabeth might not attend Prince Harry’s wedding?

Queen Elizabeth

The whole world is filled up with excitement over Prince Harry's proposal to Meghan Markle. Well after the Royal announcement, Queen Elizabeth was among the first to give her blessing to the couple. Whether or not Queen Elizabeth will actually attend the Royal wedding ceremony, however, is up for debate. Also read: Who are Meghan Markle’s parents? Time to know Prince Harry’s in-laws

How the Queen Went to Extreme Lengths to Shield Her Grandsons After Diana’s Death

Despite the public scrutiny, Queen Elizabeth made William and Harry her number one priority. Even after almost 20 years, some critics still continue to condemn the way Queen Elizabeth handled Princess Diana's death. A few of them, even allege she made a snide remark upon hearing the news. The tragedy that took place on August 31, 1997, caught everyone by

Why Queen Elizabeth might not attend Prince Harry’s wedding


Prince Harry's wedding will be the most memorable day of his life, but unfortunately, his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, might not be present. The Urbancult is reporting that Harry and Meghan Markle are all set to tie knot in the Caribbean. Soon after Queen celebrates her 70th marriage anniversary. Many of Harry’s friends, own houses and islands in the