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Meghan’s honeymoon period OVER as Prince Harry fears wife is just like Diana!


Meghan has Prince Harry fearing that she will suffer from the same afflicting treatment Princess Diana was forced to go through. As commentator, Angela Mollard says the "honeymoon period" for the royal couple could soon be over. Soon-to-be royal mother has struggled to ease into her new role as a Duchess. She has reportedly sparked concerns in Prince Harry,

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry nicknamed ‘Monica and Chandler’ by royal staff.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan and Harry have been nicknamed 'Monica and Chandler' by the royal staff, it has been claimed. Wondering why have they been nicknamed as these characters? Well, Meghan and Harry have reportedly been nicknamed after the Friends characters following claims of Meghan’s difficult behaviour. In the series, Monica is a control freak while her

Prince Harry’s royal Christmas gift for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.


Well, its almost Christmas time. People have started their Christmas decorations. And, the royal family is no less. They have started with their decorations as well. The most important tradition in this festival is giving presents to your loved ones.  Recently, we discovered that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate gifted his sweet brother-in-law, Prince Harry with a rather hilarious