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Queen Elizabeth subtly pays tribute to Prince Charles in her Christmas message.


A picture from today's broadcast will show Queen Elizabeth giving a sweet nod to her first born and heir to the throne, the Prince of Wales, Charles. Today, Queen Elizabeth will broadcast her annual Christmas message to the British people. We can expect the long-reigning British monarch to highlight the best moments of the year. Also, recognising the

Prince Charles refuses to replace this one thing for the most bizarre reason.


Apparently. the Prince of Wales, Charles is seen as quite frugal in the eyes of the royal palace staff. Well, that's something new, we are hearing. Imagine being a future KING, but still responsible with money. That's something! According to a British tabloid's, reporter Rhiannon Mills, Prince Charles refused to get his sofa refurbished despite having a huge hole

Princess Diana gave Prince Charles an unusual Christmas gift in 1985, and he really HATED it.


Princess Diana planned a special present for Prince Charles. However, it left him angered at her showing off, according to a new documentary. The Princess of Wales famously loved classical ballet, alongside all other forms of dance. 'Princess Diana: The Woman Inside' reveals how Diana would often visit rehearsals of the London ballet companies. She and even took part