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Queen Elizabeth ‘bans’ Harry and Meghan from the palace?

Queen Elizabeth

If you happen to get an invitation from Queen Elizabeth any time soon, you might want to fight against your instinct to immediately ask her how the Sussexes are doing.  Queen Elizabeth doesn't like to talk about the Sussexes. Well, that’s according to journalist Quentin Letts. He Tweeted to his 20,000 followers, revealing a rare insight from behind

Meghan Markle to have ‘gender fluid’ baby – Duchess to insist on being ‘co-parent’ not mum


Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first baby will be “gender fluid” and Meghan will demand she is known by the gender-neutral title of “co-parent” as opposed to “mother”. Piers Morgan, who was friends with Meghan Markle before the Royal “sacked him like a sack of spuds" after meeting someone "more important", lambasted the Duchess. The outspoken Good

Meghan Markle attacked for ‘Milking’ marriage with Prince Harry.


One of Britain’s most controversial TV broadcasters, Piers Morgan has slammed the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan for acting her way to the top in a furious rant. Morgan alleged that the new bride immediately ghosted him after meeting more important people. Piers described his not-so-great experience with the former American actress during a show. He discussed recent reports

Prince Harry gave Meghan a ‘warning’ just before their relationship went public.


Apparently, the Duke of Sussex, Harry gave his wife, Meghan a warning before their royal relationship went public. Yes, that's right. Just before their romance was revealed to the world, Prince Harry told his then-girlfriend, Meghan that their lives would immediately change. And, they would never be the same again. That could be enough to give someone cold feet. But

Why Meghan and Kate wear DARINGLY SHORTER dresses when pregnant?


Meghan Markle stunned everybody by wearing shorter dresses during her royal tour with Prince Harry. And, there is a particular reason behind it.  According to a maternity clothing & dresses expert, there is a reason why both Kate and Meghan started opting for reduced hemlines with eye-popping leg flashes when pregnant. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle

Thomas Markle responds to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby news.


Thomas Markle was reportedly told of his daughter, Meghan Markle's pregnancy ahead of Kensington Palace’s official announcement. The 74-year-old, who frequently condemns his own daughter in media interviews, is "absolutely delighted" by the news. A royal source told The Royal UK:- "He thinks the Duchess of Sussex will make a great mother as she is already so maternal".  When Kensington