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Secrets, morning sickness and an assassination attempt: The bumpy history of royal pregnancy.


The British royal family has gone through a lot of things. Be it depression, assassination attempts, royal feud or just the regular family drama. In-spite of all this, they have managed to rise up in every way possible.  One of multiple assassination attempts on Queen Elizabeth occurred while she was pregnant in June 1840. It was when a disturbed 18-year-old

The Queen’s SECRET product that Meghan, Kate and Eugenie all used on their wedding day.


Queen Elizabeth has shared one of her secret beauty product which Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie all used on their wedding day. Well, this one is quite the effective one. Her Majesty is known for enforcing strict royal protocol on members of the royal family. This also includes a specific dress code and some rules even extend

One thing Kate Middleton did we hope Meghan Markle won’t.


It was only a short period between when Kate gave birth to her three children and when she appeared outside the Lindo Wing looking perfectly coiffed and beaming. And now, Meghan is expecting her first child. With this, there will be speculation about how her first pregnancy will compare to her sister-in-law’s. Every public appearance will be carefully assessed and

8 years ago William proposed to Kate – and this is exactly how it happened.


After Eugenie's wedding, Meghan's pregnancy and arrival of Kate's new nephew, William and Kate are celebrating eight years since their engagement. Well, it's something of an importance to the couple. Although the pair didn't officially make the announcement until 16 November 2010, William revealed he proposed to his girlfriend of nine years while on a trip to Kenya with