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Kate and William have a very sneaky way of avoiding royal photographers.


Members of the royal family attend a lot of official engagements. And they always have their photo taken at these events as well as when they're out and about.  The official royal photographers share behind-the-scenes information. There's no escaping the paparazzi and understandably, they could get a bit sick of having a camera thrust in front of them all

Why doesn’t Meghan wear the Queen’s jewellery like Kate Middleton does?


Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have inspired many with their contrasting styles. Both women are jewellery fans. But how does their taste really compare?  Kate often wears the Queen's jewellery, but Meghan doesn't. Why? Two stylists gave their view.  The Duchess of Cambridge is often seen borrowing jewellery from Her Majesty's stunning collection. As one of the world's richest monarchs,

Why Meghan and Kate wear DARINGLY SHORTER dresses when pregnant?


Meghan Markle stunned everybody by wearing shorter dresses during her royal tour of Oceania with Prince Harry. And, there is a particular reason behind it. According to a maternity clothing expert, there is a reason why both Kate and Meghan started opting for reduced hemlines with eye-popping leg flashes when pregnant. Even though Meghan's baby bump is still small,

Duchess Kate is driving force behind Prince William’s success. How?


Kate Middleton is a crucial force behind the success of Prince William. She is the one who pushes him to "greater levels of achievement".  Gary Markwick has more than 20 years experience of palm reading and he made this revelatio. He made this revelation after reading and studying a photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge's hand. Explaining Kate’s impact

Secrets, morning sickness and an assassination attempt: The bumpy history of royal pregnancy.


The British royal family has gone through a lot of things. Be it depression, assassination attempts, royal feud or just the regular family drama. In-spite of all this, they have managed to rise up in every way possible.  One of multiple assassination attempts on Queen Elizabeth occurred while she was pregnant in June 1840. It was when a disturbed 18-year-old