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Why Kate Middleton is referred as” Duchess of Cambridge” and not “Princess Kate”.


Kate Middleton typically goes by the title, The Duchess of Cambridge. But Kate was listed as Princess of the United Kingdom. The Royals make it clear that Kate Middleton should not be known as Princess Catherine. Since the 'British Royal Titles' can be confusing, here's a guide. Through marriage, Kate Middleton is 'Princess William'. As Middleton takes the

Why is Prince Philip not known as KING Philip?

A lot of comments we received, on The Royal UK, raise the question of why Prince Philip isn’t king, despite being the husband of The Queen. So in this post we will explain exactly why Prince Philip isn’t KING. Under British Common Law, a wife traditionally takes her husband’s name and rank upon marriage and as a title

The Royal Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Collection at the Buckingham Palace contains the world's finest group of paintings, drawings and prints by Venice's most famous painter, Canaletto. The Royal Gallery exhibition presents a marvelous selection of eighteenth-century Venetian art, with Canaletto's greatest works. The Queen has the largest collection of Canaletto's in the world therefore they are are all together to take pride

Queen Elizabeth’s reaction to Princess Diana’s fatal car crash.

Queen Elizabeth's reaction to the news that Diana, Princess of Wales had been involved in a car crash in Paris is the subject of a fresh claim. Channel 5 claims that, Queen Elizabeth responded to the news by saying that : "Someone must have greased the brakes."Diana: 7 Days That Shook The Windsors will revisit Princess Diana's fatal

Queen Elizabeth celebrates 70th anniversary of becoming a freeman

While Philip honors the 130th anniversary of London Youth. Its his very first patronage. The Queen marked the 70th anniversary of her admission to the Freedom of the Drapers’ Company. Both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated special anniversaries on Wednesday. The Queen was made Freeman of the Drapers’ Company in 1947, following in her father George

Queen Elizabeth allows tour of Buckingham Palace ahead of major renovation

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is set to undergo major renovations next year, a spokesperson for the Queen Elizabeth's Household has revealed. The Queen's London residence will have essential building work carried out across a series of projects. Many of which will be for the first time in 60 years, expected to have a capital cost of £369million. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle