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Royal Family leaving Buckingham Palace for good?

Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace in London has been the official residence of the British Monarchy since the starting. Now, it could be abandoned as Queen Elizabeth moves out and future Kings shun the Buckingham Palace. There are reports that the British Royal Family could be leaving Buckingham Palace for good as Her Majesty slowly moves out of it and

The “IntimidatingTruth” behind one of Diana’s most memorable dress.


Prince Charles and Princess Diana were separated in late 1992 after 11 years of marriage. By the summer of 1994 the 30-year-old Royal, mother of two, William and Harry, was single and living her life. Princess Diana was also quite a well style icon. She was indeed renowned and revered for her taste in fashion. Designers from all

This photo of Queen Elizabeth’s Library is like stepping back in time.


Well, this is a true fact about the British monarchy. We all know that the British monarchy is old fashioned. After all, it is based on an institution which is over a thousand years old and involves crowns and garters and baby names like George and Arthur. But today we were indeed reminded of that quite literally. All

Why did Princess Diana suddenly stop wearing her signature blue eyeliner?


This month brought a Royal gossip about welcoming the third Royal child of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Just last month the world was honouring Princess of Wales, Diana. This year marks twenty years since Princess Diana's tragic death. Those who knew her closely have been sharing stories about the people’s Princess to keep her memory alive.

REVEALED: Meghan Markle’s Real Name Isn’t actually Meghan.


Popular American and Suits actress, Meghan Markle has been indeed a successful actress for quite a few years now.  However, Markle's recently been thrust into the spotlight in a major way. All credit goes to her budding Royal romance with Prince Harry. Meghan Markle, who was last seen attending Pippa Middleton's wedding reception with Prince Harry, has indeed a

Charles wanted these names for William and Harry, but Diana said “No”.


Late Princess Diana and Prince Charles did not agree on a lot of things during their bitter 10-year marriage. Perhaps, deciding baby names was one of them. Like most of the parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had different ideas about what to name their children. The British Royals follow their tradition when it comes to picking out

Why Queen Elizabeth hates garlic so much?


One thing that we already know is that Queen Elizabeth enjoys a daily cocktail or two and stays away from potatoes. But the news is that there's another ingredient she despises so much that it's not even allowed in the Buckingham Palace kitchen. That secret ingredient is "garlic". The former Royal chef, Darren McGrady says: "We are never

Poll reveals more than half of the UK want Prince William as their next king.


MORE than half of the UK wants Prince William as their next King. While just a fifth think it should be his father, Prince Charles. And in a further setback to the Prince of Wales, Charles, 36 per cent said his wife Camilla Parker Bowles should be Princess Consort and not Queen if he does take the throne,

How the Queen Went to Extreme Lengths to Shield Her Grandsons After Diana’s Death

Despite the public scrutiny, Queen Elizabeth made William and Harry her number one priority. Even after almost 20 years, some critics still continue to condemn the way Queen Elizabeth handled Princess Diana's death. A few of them, even allege she made a snide remark upon hearing the news. The tragedy that took place on August 31, 1997, caught everyone by

Shocking details about what happened in the seven days after Princess Diana’s death.

`A documentary released recently makes an astounding claim about Queen Elizabeth's reaction to Princess Diana's fatal car crash in Paris. After hearing the news, Queen Elizabeth reportedly said, I think someone must have "greased the breaks" on the car. Queen Elizabeth's eyebrow-raising greatly highlights her complicated and problem-ed relationship with Princess Diana. A source revealed the queen saw