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What will happen to Buckingham Palace when Queen Elizabeth dies?

Buckingham Palace

According to various tabloids, Buckingham Palace will no longer exist once Queen Elizabeth dies. Britain’s longest-reigning monarch no longer will live there. Not only this, but the future monarch, Prince Charles plans to bring forth a lot of change to the monarch's official residence and the royal family headquarters. So, what will happen to Buckingham Palace when the

How the Queen stopped private pictures of Kate Middleton from being published?

Kate Middleton

The Queen helped Kate Middleton stop private pictures of her from being published by allowing her to use her solicitors and threaten the photographer with a lawsuit. The royal family closely guards its private lives. And Her Majesty does what she can, to preserve and safeguard the reputation of the monarchy. In the year, 2009, The Daily Telegraph

Why Queen Elizabeth’s last name sparked a lot of controversy with Prince Philip.


How Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne at just 25 years old is certainly a fascinating story. Still, the more compelling parts is hardly ever talked about.  The drama behind Elizabeth's name and how it sparked a giant feud between her husband, Prince Philip and the royal family is something that has never really been talked about. The

Kate Middleton had to change her lifestyle based on the Queen’s hurtful comments

Kate Middleton

Close your eyes and picture the personification of "royal grace and sophistication." Did you picture Kate Middleton? Because that would be totally fair.  The Duchess of Cambridge is, in many ways, the epitome of the royal ideal. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are out holding hands in public like heathens, Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William,

Camilla Parker Bowles attacked Queen Elizabeth in “Drunken Brawl”?

Queen Elizabeth

Did the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla attack Her Majesty in a “drunken” brawl last month? That’s an absurd claim being made.  However, we wonder who has claimed this? Well, its by one of this week’s supermarket tabloids. And, The Royal UK can debunk this untrue report about a royal fight. Frankly, the article is so riddled with falsehoods, royal readers