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UK Government: “The Queen might get killed in this country”.


Her Majesty's official excursions are planned meticulously. The trips usually mean she travels with a significant entourage. Queen Elizabeth has a glowing reputation for her successful royal visits across the globe. The UK’s longest serving monarch has travelled to more than 120 counties. Be it, on diplomatic, peace-preserving or sometimes even political missions, she has done it all. The

Meghan Shock Claim: Queen’s ‘grandmotherly love for the Duchess is a PR exercise’!


Mother-to-be, Meghan and Her Majesty acted like best friends on their first outing together. But, a bombshell documentary claims that it was all a "PR exercise". The Duchess of Sussex has not been part of the royal family for long. However, she already seems very close to the Queen. Surprising? According to many reports, Meghan Markle refers to

Queen Elizabeth’s rare comments about her great-grandchildren!


Her Majesty is already great-grandma to seven kids. And with Harry and Meghan's baby coming soon, she is set to become a great-grandma for the eighth time. She already has seven beautiful grandchildren: Savannah Phillips, Isla Phillips, Prince George, Mia Tindall, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Lena Elizabeth Tindall. While we all impatiently wait to see the Duke

Queen Elizabeth: “Sorry, Ma’am! Her Majesty told she cannot veto Brexit”.


Her Majesty will not be able to overrule Brexit. This, despite having the power to stop bills from being passed by Parliament, academic experts have claimed. Top constitutional lawyers and academics are debating over Queen Elizabeth's potential role in Brexit. It also has rising concerns she could be swayed into withholding assent to the Brexit bill. Under Britain's

Queen Elizabeth told William and Kate to break protocol and this is exactly what they did!

Queen Elizabeth

The sovereign leader of the Commonwealth, ruling monarch of the United Kingdom, Defender of the Faith: Queen Elizabeth goes by many names. One we don’t often hear? Grandma. But, that’s the role she chose to embody when discussing Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton. According to the Express, Her Majesty secretly told William he could 'tear up' the formal guest

Queen Elizabeth: “I told William and Kate to break this rule on their wedding day”.


Queen Elizabeth has made herself a successful leader through her values and hard work. The Queen has followed every royal rule and traditions. However, you know what they say, rules are meant to be broken. But, can you imagine Her Majesty telling her family members to brake a rule? Well, its quite hard to imagine. And although the royals