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Queen Elizabeth’s sweetest moments with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Queen Elizabeth

Making a good impression on a family is tough, but it's harder when you are marrying into the royalty. And, it looks like somebody has already won over their family.  Kate and Meghan seem to have won Queen Elizabeth after marrying into the royal family.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); And, how can we say that? Well, there is this

Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to her father in a speech to mark this special occasion.

Queen Elizabeth

It was the celebration for completing a century of the Royal Air Force yesterday. And so, Queen Elizabeth remembered her father, and paid a small tribute to him. At the event, Her Majesty gave a remarkable speech.  Yesterday, the British royal family celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force with a series of events. They kicked off

A good news about Queen Elizabeth is here.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth was absent on the christening of her great-grandchild, Louis. This made the royal fans worry about Her Majesty's health. Well, the good new is the 92 year-old reigning monarch is absolutely fit and fine. The Queen may have missed Prince Louis' christening yesterday, but she was back in action this morning. She attended a service at Westminster

Why Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were unable to attend Prince Louis’ Christening?


Sadly, the most important royals of the British family missed their great-grandson’s christening.  Prince Louis’ christening took place in the Chapel Royal of St. James’ Palace in London on 9 July. Also read: Everything you need to know about Prince Louis’s christening. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Many members of the royal family were in attendance. The Royal Family’s official website

9th July marks a very important day in the life of Queen Elizabeth.


Prince Louis, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child, is christened today. And this day has very special significance for his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.  July 9th coincides to be an important date in Queen Elizabeth’s history. It marks a meaningful anniversary. July 9th also happens to be an important date in Her Majesty's history as monarch. On July 9, 1947,

Why Prince Louis’ Christening date is very important to Queen Elizabeth?


Prince Louis, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child, will be christened on July 9th—and the date has very special significance for his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.  July 9th coincides to be an important date in Queen Elizabeth's history. It marks a meaningful anniversary. On July 9, 1947, Elizabeth (who was still Princess Elizabeth at that time), announced to

Queen Elizabeth wishes “Happy Independence Day” to American fans in a special message.


There’s nothing as "American" as the "Fourth of July". This day is the country’s annual celebration of its "Independence from the British Empire in 1776".  The Queen of Britain, Queen Elizabeth wishes America a very "Happy Independence Day". RELATIONS BETWEEN QUEEN ELIZABETH AND  THE AMERICANS. Queen, is the obvious solution to America’s problems. She is the one guaranteeing representation for