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Twitter burns Queen Elizabeth for appearing too rich in her Christmas speech.


Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth's Christmas speech was broadcasted in the United Kingdom at 3 PM. Her speech had a deep meaning and a good holiday spirit. However, some people didn't like the setting she was in. Her Majesty was blasted on Twitter for delivering 'Queen's Speech by sitting before a gold piano'. Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth is the most revered

Queen Elizabeth subtly pays tribute to Prince Charles in her Christmas message.


A picture from today's broadcast will show Queen Elizabeth giving a sweet nod to her first born and heir to the throne, the Prince of Wales, Charles. Today, Queen Elizabeth will broadcast her annual Christmas message to the British people. We can expect the long-reigning British monarch to highlight the best moments of the year. Also, recognising the

Queen Elizabeth’s this year’s Christmas speech has a deep meaning.


Buckingham Palace has released a few teasers for Queen Elizabeth's pre-taped holiday speech to the U.K and the Commonwealth. It will broadcast tomorrow.  Her Majesty is going all in on peace, love and understanding in her annual Christmas message. Her speech will reflect on the importance of treating others with consideration, the palace has announced. In her speech, the

Queen Elizabeth: What does Samantha Markle want now?


Meghan's half-sister, Samantha has created a lot of problems for the royal family since Meghan married Harry. However, the Queen ordered the royals not to respond. And now, Samantha has again come up with something, only less harmful. The Duchess of Sussex has now been urged to end the rift with her father by her half-sister, Samantha in a

Queen Elizabeth criticised the Duchess of Cambridge for this shocking reason.


Kate Middleton is now a vital part of the British royal family. However, she wasn't always popular with Queen Elizabeth, a royal expert has claimed. The Duchess of Cambridge has been officially part of the royal family since she married William in 2011. She now has three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. Kate makes numerous royal appearances these

Meghan Markle’s Christmas gift had the Queen left in shock.


What do you think the members of the Royal family gift each other on Christmas? Cars? Tiaras? Some branded stuff, or something we can’t buy? The Royal Christmas isn't the stuff of luxury! Well, their Christmas' gifting tradition is quite different. And in fact, we can also try it out. The royal family members gift each other something out-of-the-box.  The brand