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Queen Elizabeth’s most lavish gifts to the royal family members


From property to jewellery, titles to artwork, the sovereign's children and grandchildren have received some very impressive presents.  As Britain's reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth has the power to bestow incredible gifts on the members of her extended family. As the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan have joined the royal family, Her Majesty has extended

Everything you need to know about Kate’s first-ever solo outing with Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

This event marks the first time Kate Middleton have had a public joint appearance with Her Majesty without any other royal family member in attendance.  Kate Middleton joined Queen Elizabeth for a special joint outing today. It was their first since she joined the royal family in 2011. The future Queen Consort got further insight into the life

Why Queen Elizabeth has two very different signatures?

Queen Elizabeth

While most people have their go-to signature they use for cards, letters, cheques and forms, Her Majesty actually has two. And, it has captured many royal fans' attention as those two signatures of Queen Elizabeth are quite different from each other. So, which one do you prefer? When the present reigning monarch is in a working capacity, she will

Queen Elizabeth posts on Instagram for the very first time, creates history.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth marked the opening of the science museum's Smith Centre by sharing an archive image on the royal family’s Instagram account. The British royal family is followed by many people around the globe. And so, their Instagram account has around 4.6 million followers. That's quite a lot.  Britain’s Queen Elizabeth on Thursday, entered the world of social

Meghan Markle got the biggest gift from the Queen on International Women’s Day


Queen Elizabeth just appointed Meghan Markle to a new role as Vice President of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan just got a significant new job this International Women's Day. Well, it was quite an unexpected thing that happened. The Palace announced this morning that Her Majesty herself has appointed Meghan as vice president of the

What might happen if the Queen abdicates the throne?


In May of 2016, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Philip, 97, will no longer carry out public engagements from the autumn onward. The Duke of Edinburgh, Philip's decision was taken with the full consent and support of Her Majesty. Currently, Prince Philip is 97 years-old and peacefully retired. After the announcement, following an emergency meeting at the Palace, odds