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Queen Elizabeth’s 9 decades of royal style!


As the British monarch turns 93, The Royal UK looks back at her fashion highlights. Here are some for you to watch as well. From tulle gowns to neon skirt suits, signature Launer bags, Anello & Davide loafers and Burberry headscarves. With her legacy of era-defining looks, the Queen is indisputably a style icon. As a young princess,

UK Government: “The Queen might get killed in this country”.


Her Majesty's official excursions are planned meticulously. The trips usually mean she travels with a significant entourage. Queen Elizabeth has a glowing reputation for her successful royal visits across the globe. The UK’s longest serving monarch has travelled to more than 120 counties. Be it, on diplomatic, peace-preserving or sometimes even political missions, she has done it all. The