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Queen Elizabeth told Meghan to dress “Less like a Hollywood star” and “more like a royal”.


So, now that Meghan is a part of the royal family, we have been seeing her almost daily. And so, it is important that she follows the rules made for the royals. However, the new bride seems to be breaking those rules. People give the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan a hard time for breaking royal protocol here and there.

Queen Elizabeth reveals the reason why she didn’t feature in Charles’ birthday portrait.

Queen Elizabeth

On 14th November, Clarence House released two official portraits to celebrate the Prince of Wales, Charles' 70th birthday.  It is a very interesting reason, keeping in mind the future of British monarchy. In those two pretty family photos, we see the gorgeous seven-month-old, Prince Louis in his mother, Kate Middleton's arms, next to his father, Prince William. We also saw

Queen Elizabeth gives rare emotional speech at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party.


Prince Charles celebrated his 70th birthday in style, complete with a toast from his mother, Queen Elizabeth. He celebrated his birthday at Buckingham Palace.  Her Majesty made a sweet speech praising her eldest child and heir to the throne.  It was at the party at the Buckingham Palace yesterday. People noted that she was honoured to be there to

The Queen makes a shout-out to Camilla in her speech to Prince Charles.


Yesterday evening, Her Majesty gave a rare personal speech honouring her eldest son, Prince Charles, for his 70th birthday party at Buckingham Palace. It was an amazing speech. In the heartfelt address, Queen Elizabeth praised her eldest child for being a champion of conservation and the arts and a great charitable leader. But, she also made a sweet mention

Queen’s hilarious response to finding slug in food.


There are things that are done in a certain way in the royal family. However, some, which are not, are either corrected or the Queen let it all go once and for all. While one may not be amused at the thought of finding an unexpected addition in your salad, Her Majesty's reaction was hilarious. Queen Elizabeth is recognised

How the Queen broke royal protocol and wasn’t accepting it?


Queen Elizabeth broke royal protocol dismissing all the fuss with a wave of her hand. It was when Michelle and Barack Obama visited Windsor Castle in April 2016. The revelation has been disclosed in Michelle Obama’s explosive memoirs. Her new book, which shares intimate details of the former FLOTUS' life, was released in the UK on Tuesday. Details

Michelle Obama explains her relationship with Queen Elizabeth and other royals.

Nine years ago, then-First Lady Michelle Obama met Her Majesty and accidentally committed a royal faux pas. She put her arm around the monarch. Touching, let alone embracing, the Queen is widely considered a big NO. However, the former FLOTUS couldn't help showing some love to the sovereign. In her new book: 'Becoming', she opens up about her blunder-turned-bonding