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Queen Elizabeth turns 92! 6 very little unknown fun facts about her.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning monarch. Today she celebrated her 92nd birthday with her family and close friends. The world wishes for her long reign. Born in 1926, the Queen has reigned for over 65 years and has always been at the centre of the public eye. As the world remembers her on her birthday, we have gathered some fun

The 6 most shocking British royal family scandals.


Every family has its own share of difficulties, ups and downs. The royal family have had some of them as well. The only difference was, they are quite famous personalities which turned those mistakes into major royal scandals. We bring you some of the most famous royal scandals the British monarchy has ever faced. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Kate Middleton possesses something which no other British royal bride does.


Till now, we have learned so much about Kate Middleton. We have been noticing and admiring her since she officially joined the royal family in 2011.  Kate Middleton's new royal life as 'Her Royal Highness' has offered her the same opulent jewels, lavish living quarters, and frequent public appearances as everyone else. (adsbygoogle