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Why is Camilla wearing Princess Diana’s wedding gift?


Princess Diana has always been a style icon for almost every woman around the world. Her collection of wardrobe was something she was and is famous for.

But, maybe some people are using it, which Diana wouldn’t have ever agreed to. 

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Even after her untimely death, Princess Diana and Camilla continue to share significant connections.  And now, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla has been spotted wearing Princess Diana’s wedding gift.

What was the gift? 

At Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981, the Queen Mother reportedly gifted the new princess with a diamond brooch. The brooch is laced with 18 diamonds, centred with three glistening ostrich feathers and completed with an emerald.

During the Princess of Wales’ time in the royal family, she wore the ‘Prince of Wales Feathers brooch’ repeatedly. Sometimes styling it into her wardrobe and sometimes wearing it as a necklace.

The Duchess of Cornwall was first seen wearing the brooch at a movie premiere shortly after their wedding.

With the Princess’ passing in 1997, the brooch was returned to Queen Elizabeth. It didn’t emerge until after Prince Charles married Camilla in the year 2005.

One of our royal sources said: “It is clearly understood that Charles was particularly keen for his new bride to wear the brooch. Maybe because of its association with successive princes of Wales”.

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But despite the fact that Camilla has been wearing it for years, it still pinches some royal watchers. 

Royal fans are taking to social media to call out the Duchess’s ‘bad taste’ for wearing something that belonged to Princess Diana. Many even say that it should have been passed directly to Kate Middleton. 

According to our royal sources, the family heirloom will one day be passed down to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate. But, that remains to be seen.