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Royal Protocol: Duchess Camilla won’t be given the title ‘The Queen’ after Charles becomes King.


The Duchess of Cornwall could be blocked from becoming Queen when her husband, Charles eventually ascends to the throne, it has been sensationally claimed.

Charles married Camilla in 2005. He will decide whether to give her the title ‘Queen Camilla’ one day despite controversy surrounding the position.

But Prince Charles could be blocked from handing his second wife the prestigious title. But, only if he is hit with a legal challenge. Royal biographer Christopher Wilson claims the ‘legitimacy’ of Charles and Camilla’s marriage could be called into question. And this could trigger a ‘constitutional row’.

Things have been difficult when it comes to Camilla.

Without a public endorsement from Her Majesty, Camilla has been left isolated and vulnerable. Christopher said: “The couple have seen off doubts as to the legitimacy of their marriage after some constitutional experts claimed it was illegal. Critics argued that Charles should have been barred from marrying in a register office”.

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“However, nothing short of a revolution can prevent the Prince of Wales ascending the throne after his mother’s death. But, a legal challenge to the legitimacy of his marriage might put a stop to Camilla being crowned”.

Why Camilla Parker Bowles have been left vulnerable?

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Mr Wilson says Camilla has been left vulnerable because Queen Elizabeth has so far refused to intervene and publicly endorse the duchess as the next Queen of the country. Writing for a tabloid, he added: “One solution would be if Her Majesty were to make a public endorsement of Camilla, indicating that it’s her wish that she is crowned alongside Charles”.

“However, there’s no sign of this at the moment. And so, this leaves Charles’ wife in an isolated and vulnerable position. It is the one thing that Charles finds hard to understand. At a time in life when she should be playing with her grandchildren, Camilla faces the prospect of a major constitutional row ahead”.