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Camilla: Princes Charles’ wife will be Queen when husband takes the throne – by law


The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla will be Queen by law when her husband takes to the throne, according to a friend of the royal family.

Alastair Bruce, a former equerry to the Earl and godfather to Edward’s son, said the 71-year-old will take on the prestigious title whether Britons want her to or not.

This is despite previous plans to style the Duchess as a Princess Consort when Prince Charles, eventually takes the British throne. Mr Bruce said it is simply a matter of “English law”. He said: “We all know in Common Law, that at the moment Camilla is Princess of Wales. She is just not called that”.

“So, now that she is married to the next heir to the British throne, when he becomes King, she will be Queen. They may decide to call her something different. But, she will still be the Queen of England”.

However, the Prince of Wales, Charles has some different plans for his wife.

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Charles is understood to want to make Camilla Parker Bowles, ‘Queen Consort’. But, only when he ascends to the throne. However, he faces a public backlash over the move. Prince Charles married Camilla in 2005. And he will be the one deciding whether to give her the title of Queen. Since then, there has been ongoing uncertainty over Camilla’s potential title. 

But Mr Bruce said only a change in law would mean Camilla is not crowned Queen of the country. He told The Royal UK: “Camilla will be Queen unless Parliament Wilder’s’ otherwise. Parliament can do what it likes. But, I can’t see Parliament passing primary legislation just to change the current law”.

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Camilla’s entry and acceptance into the royal family was quite difficult. 

Charles met his second wife in the 1970’s and they tied the knot in 2005. It was in a move that signalled her acceptance into the royal family, but only after facing a harsh criticism. However, the pair were careful to keep their relationship under wraps. After Diana’s death, the Duchess of Cornwall and Charles brought their relationship out in the open. 

It was at a hunt, that Camilla attended with Charles and his two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. And in the year 2004, both William and Harry were told Camilla was to become their stepmother. Charles finally married Camilla in 2005, in a low key ceremony at Windsor Guildhall.