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Revealed: Camilla Parker Bowles’s parents didn’t like Prince Charles.


It’s no secret that Camilla Parker Bowles and the Prince of Wales, Charles’ relationship has been a point of heated disagreement for decades. 

But, there are still many things we all don’t really know about.

For starters, not many realized that before their affair and the battle for public approval began, they struggled with getting Camilla’s parents on their side.

Major Bruce Shand, Camilla’s father, was many things. Most notably, he was a dedicated and hard-working officer in the British Army. He is described as being a ‘shy man’, despite his high rank in the military.

He then married his sweetheart, Rosalind Cubitt. Together, they had three children: Camilla, Annabel, and Mark, who died at 62 following a head injury.

In the early 1970’s, he took on a new role as the Vice Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex.

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There, his duty was to look after the royal family when they visited his assigned area. His most important role paired along his impressive military career meant that his family was welcomed by Britain’s crowd.

In 1966, Camilla was introduced to Andrew Parker Bowles, a lieutenant who served in Royals regiment of the Royal Horse Guards. They began dating, but their relationship had its rocky moments.

As the years progressed, Bruce reportedly became impatient with Camilla’s courtship.

He wanted Andrew to settle down and marry his daughter. To seal the deal, Bruce and Andrew’s brother worked together to publish an engagement notice in ‘The Times’ which pressured Andrew to propose.

When Charles and Diana’s marriage began to crumble in the early 90’s and Charles and Camilla rekindled their romance, he didn’t appear to be a huge fan of the future king.

According to some reports, at one point, Bruce had a private meeting with Charles where he allegedly blamed him for ruining his daughter’s life and reduced him to tears.

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Later, both her parents accepted the future King.

Mr. Shand, later accepted Charles by remarking that he came across as very fair-minded and sincere.

In comparison to Mr. Shand, not much is written about Rosalind, Camilla’s mother. Where she stood on her daughter’s tumultuous love triangle, is yet not cleared.

Camilla did admire her mother, who tragically passed away at 72 to osteoporosis in 1994. She and Camilla’s father were happily married for 48 years.