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Can Camilla really be the next Queen? See what Queen Elizabeth has to say about it.


It would indeed be fair when we say, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla must be assuming the title of Queen when her husband, Prince Charles becomes the King. He will, most probably, become His Majesty King Charles III. 

During Queen Elizabeth reign, there was a huge loosening of some of the medieval mystique. It still clings around the institution.

When she was crowned in 1953, there was an uncomfortable and large proportion of her subjects who believed that she had not been born in the normal way of a human baby. They believed that she had somehow emerged from a Royal bubble, or otherwise impeccably created.

Well, we are not so far distant from those days when people thought that a touch from the Royal members could heal the severe disease known as ‘scrofula’. Maybe this is the reason, even today there are actually so many Royal visits to the sick and hospitals.

Camilla, as a Queen in the future, might not bring the British monarchy down but she would make it a much less consensual. This will hence, not be a good thing. So, Prince Charles actually needs to think twice before taking any step further. He cannot afford to make the same mistake, he made 2 decades back. But you know what they say, old habits die-hard.

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There are chances that Prince Charles may turn out to be a nice old king. It would be just like of King Edward VII, who followed a much honourable and very religious long reign. He might, like his great-grandfather, take steps to improve England’s relations with its continental neighbours.

Every great story has some twist. This one had it’s too.

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According to some reports, Camilla’s great-grandmother, Alice Keppel was a long-time mistress of Edward VII, Charles’ great-great-grandfather. Yet Great Britain has had a pretty good share of its Kings and Queens. Only King Charles I and King Edward VIII stood out as the monarchs with no potential and no willingness to govern there Kingdom in a proper way.

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It is unlikely, despite his known personality foible, that the Duke of Cornwall would turn out to be as big a failure as those two. Prince Charles we hope would be wise to be aware of his approach to defying public opinion. This greatly includes his wife. He will indeed need to restrain his enthusiasm for ‘speaking out’ on some politicized passions.