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Camilla Parker Bowles attacked Queen Elizabeth in “Drunken Brawl”?

Queen Elizabeth

Did the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla attack Her Majesty in a “drunken” brawl last month? That’s an absurd claim being made. 

However, we wonder who has claimed this? Well, its by one of this week’s supermarket tabloids. And, The Royal UK can debunk this untrue report about a royal fight.

Frankly, the article is so riddled with falsehoods, royal readers should be able to dismiss this fiction on their own. This particular outlandish story is splashed across the cover of this week’s ‘Globe’. Didn’t expect it? We didn’t either.

However, they did splash this story.

This piece begins breathlessly about how a ‘raging’ and ‘drunken’ Camilla allegedly ‘threw a glass of red wine at Queen Elizabeth’. And then, how she ‘ripped a treasured pearl necklace off the Queen’s throat. In an attempt to lend credence to its wild tale, the outlet asserts its information comes from a “top royal courtier”.

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According to the tabloid’s insider, the Duchess of Cornwall was first tossing back gin and tonics before polishing off a full bottle of red wine at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Once she was drunk, claims the source, Queen Elizabeth and her daughter-in-law exchanged heated words. 

The source said:-

“Camilla leapt to her feet, stormed across the room to where Her Majesty was sitting and threw her wine right in her face. Duchess Camilla grabbed the Queen by the throat, ripping away a priceless pearl necklace. And that too, a necklace that once belonged to Queen Victoria”.

The creative writers at the tabloid did not end here. They said: “This assault only ended when Prince Andrew pinned Camilla to the floor. And then, the burly bodyguards rushed in with guns drawn. Since that incident, the buzz indicates Camilla will be confined to her quarters in Buckingham Palace with guards at the door”.

It should be obvious the whole story is untrue.

None of these events ever took place. Still, on its cover, the tabloid points to an undated photo of Queen Elizabeth with a bloodshot left eye, which the magazine refers to as an ‘eye wound’.

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However, the reality is Her Majesty has suffered from red-eye for various reasons over the years. It happened in 2006, while she was in Ireland. Then again when the Queen had a visibly bloodshot eye while in Scotland in 2015. In neither of those occasions did anyone tie it to Camilla Parker Bowles.

There were many more mistakes in the article.

Among a good lot of mistakes, one of the glaring mistakes is when it’s contended “Camilla has been confined to her quarters at Buckingham Palace”. However, in reality, she and Prince Charles live in Clarence House.

And the claim that she will only be allowed out for a few events is not true. It’s probably wrong since Clarence House’s Twitter handle is filled with images featuring Camilla at a series of royal functions since mid-January. It is when the article alleged that she would be monitored.