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The Cambridge family is probably done having children — Here’s why?


There’s no doubt that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate have an incredibly adorable family. It’s quite a sight to see them all together.

With Prince George, Princess Charlotte and sweet baby Prince Louis, the royal couple certainly have their hands full.

And now, with a royal baby on the way for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, some are wondering whether or not William and Kate will have any more children. As most members of the royal family tend to do when it comes to personal matters, the couple have remained private.

However, it seems pretty unlikely for a few different reasons.

From a simple health perspective, it seems like it would probably be a very frustrating experience for Kate Middleton. During all her pregnancies, she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarium. It’s a severe and debilitating side effect of pregnancy that landed her in the hospital almost everyday in her first trimester. 

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They’ve already had three children, which is a fairly typical family size and plenty of heirs for the royal family. And so, it seems unlikely that the Duchess of Cambridge would want to put herself through that experience again. 

The reasons are not over just yet.

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Another reason for her would be that they already have a fairly typical, perhaps even slightly larger-than-average family size for the royals. Although, Her Majesty had four children, including William’s father, Prince Charles, larger families are less and less common for the younger generation.

Each of the Queen’s kids, in fact, had not more than two children. Prince William’s cousins also each have kept that tradition going. Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall each have two children as well. Whether or not the Cambridges have more children, we are sure we have still got many years of adorable family pictures to come.