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‘Budget Duchess’ re-creates more than 200 of Kate Middleton’s iconic looks.


Kate Middleton’s outfits are not ordinary but are designer. You won’t see them hanging by at a store around the corner. You can now find them exclusively here.

Stephanie, a designer shared some snaps of her royal-inspired looks which are simply affordable.

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Stephanie, a royal fan and mother of one has shared how she spends her time re-creating Kate’s Middleton’s most iconic looks on a budget. She shares pictures of her stylish royal rip-offs with her 11,200 Instagram fans. Just so as she doesn’t have to reveal her name, she has nicknamed herself the “Budget Duchess”.

Stephanie has emulated some of the Duchess of Cambridge’s most notable looks.

Those looks are just mesmerising, from the famous Diane Von Furstenberg dress to the Alice by Temperley dress she wore, she has every dress in the budget. Stephanie has followed Prince William and Kate’s true love story from day one. She instantly fell in love with Kate’s classic style and began finding her own ‘copy-Kate’ looks on the high street.

About a year ago, Stephanie took to social media to share her re-creations, whose average price stands out at just £56 per outfit.

“My father’s side of the family is from the United Kingdom, and so I grew up knowing and learning all about the royal family. I always thought that they were so elegant and glamorous. I have truly loved following Prince William and Kate Middleton’s love story over the years and watching it evolve along with her fashion”.

“Me, as a fan, has always loved her classic, unique and elegant style and always found myself falling for the pieces and starting those pieces that reminded me of something she would wear. So, one day I decided to start sharing my finds with others almost a year ago and I have loved it ever since”.

“I also like to get creative with it. For example, if there is a formal gown Kate wore that I love I will try to find something with the same feel but in a style, I could wear to work to make sure it still works with my lifestyle as I don’t typically need ball gowns in my daily life – unfortunately.

Since following Kate Middleton’s fashion choices, Stephanie has replicated over 200 outfits.

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“Some outfits are actually harder to find than others. I have mostly been lucky and just come across pieces that remind me of something she wore at some point. So, I snatch them up. When I am piecing an outfit together from scratch, I find everything within an hour or two”.

“I’m always scrolling through my favourite shopping sites for ‘reply-Kates’“, says Stephanie.

“I will be saying the truth when I say that, you can actually ‘repli-Kate’ her style at any price. But, with just a little creativity and patience. I think it’s indeed important to make sure you are replicating looks that work for your lifestyle”.