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What will happen to Buckingham Palace when Queen Elizabeth dies?

Buckingham Palace

According to various tabloids, Buckingham Palace will no longer exist once Queen Elizabeth dies. Britain’s longest-reigning monarch no longer will live there.

Not only this, but the future monarch, Prince Charles plans to bring forth a lot of change to the monarch’s official residence and the royal family headquarters.

So, what will happen to Buckingham Palace when the Prince of Wales, Charles ascends the throne? Will Prince Charles move to Buckingham Palace upon ascension? All these questions have been asked from The Royal UK from it’s readers.

So, here are all your answers.

Unlike those before him, Charles doesn’t plan on moving to Buckingham Palace once he ascends the throne and becomes King of England. According to the research, the reason could have something to do with the current renovation plans. Upgrades to the monarch’s headquarters won’t begin until mid-2020. And so, won’t be liveable until late-2020.

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However, even without the decade-long Buckingham Palace renovation, Charles has never really planned on moving back to Buckingham Palace. In fact, he is not exactly fond of the centuries-old royal abode. 

So, why doesn’t Prince Charles want a Buckingham Palace address?

Well, according to one of our royal sources: “He doesn’t see it as a viable future home or a house that’s fit for purpose in the modern world. Charles feels its upkeep, both from a cost and environmental perspective and it’s not really sustainable”.

According to reports, Queen Elizabeth could very well be the last monarch to live at the royal family’s headquarters. After all, Prince William allegedly agrees with his father and likely won’t move into Buckingham Palace when he ascends the throne either. So, what will happen when Her Majesty passes? 

Most likely, renovation.

Buckingham Palace’s decade-long renovation could go well into the mid to late-2020’s. This means Her Majesty could be around 100-years-old, when it’s all said and done. At the moment, the palace is open to the public between July and October. However, Charles plans on leaving palace gates open a little longer.

Since the future monarch won’t live there, he feels that he can still conduct business with public visitors. The Prince of Wales allegedly wants to extend the time frame. He might even offer up more rooms for public viewing.

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The second thing that comes to mind is a memorial exhibit.

Charles plans on honouring his mother and her historical reign in a big way. Once Her Majesty passes, he wants to curate a memorial exhibit in her honour. It will be done, so that guests can learn more about the Queen’s life and her work as Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

While the prince will most likely stay at Clarence House, he still plans on conducting business from the palace. This means that things like State Dinners and knightings would still take place at the royal family’s headquarters.