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Buckingham Palace release simple official statement about Meghan and Kate.


From the moment Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they were moving away from Kensington Palace, there have been plenty of rumours that it was because of a rift between her and Kate Middleton. 

It was a rumour after rumour…

Especially after the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate was said to have been left “in tears” after a fitting for Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid’s dress. It was all becoming a huge mess.

It was not all.

There were still lot to come. After this, there was speculation that there was no feud, after Kate Middleton’s recent comments about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy.

Another possible ‘feud’ that took place during the week, where Kate reportedly shut down Meghan after she is said to have berated a member of the Duchess of Cambridge’s team.

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The source said:-

“The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate fell out when she b******ed Duchess Kate’s royal staff”.

“It’s a tricky situation. But it was a one-off and they are determined to maintain a positive relationship even though they are obviously very different in their approach”.

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However, Kensington Palace has refused to comment on anything up until now. However, the palace had to shut down the most recent rumours of the royal sister-in-laws. It was Meghan Markle being rude to Kate Middleton’s staff.

The Palace officially said:-

“This incident never took place between the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex”. And now, that the official statement is out, the rumours which were fuming, will also have to go down. 

Short. Sweet. To the point. Let’s just get over it now, shall we?