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Here’s how Buckingham Palace does Christmas decorations.


Christmas trees, fairy lights and all the other decorations are going on in homes across the country this week. This also includes Queen Elizabeth’s London residence, Buckingham Palace.

It’s time for the festive makeover with pretty good royal touch.

A recent tweet shared by The Royal Family’s official Twitter account announced: “Christmas has arrived at the Buckingham Palace!”. It also had a video of the palace’s decorations attached.

Christmas is just around the corner at Buckingham Palace.

The tweet by the Royal Family drew special attention on the huge Christmas tree that was introduced to Great Britain in the 18th Century by Queen Charlotte, consort of King George II. Now, the beloved festive tradition has continued to be embraced by the royal households ever since.

It is a usual and expected thing from the Queen. Her Christmas trees have a very strong royal theme. And of course, she has more than one to think about. This also includes the one which is on the display at Windsor Castle.

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The decorations are so in sync with each other, that they brighten up the whole Palace.

Twinkling different coloured fairy lights and crown-shaped decorations adorn the large pines. While the gilt bronze balustrade on the Grand Staircase is always covered with a colourful and big garland. It would be safe and fair to say that, there is no ‘less is more’ approach in the household.

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The Buckingham Palace is not the only royal home to get the Christmas makeover treatment.

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Clarence House, the official residence of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla has also unveiled its Christmas tree. This very year, Camilla invited children from ‘Helen & Douglas House’ hospice and the ‘Roald Dahl Charity’ to decorate their tree with a mix of baubles and some wooden ornaments.