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7 British laws Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have to follow.


Being a Queen comes with a lot of duties and responsibilities. But, it also has its own perks. Here, we have some British laws the Queen doesn’t have to follow.

Well, they are pretty amazing. 

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She doesn’t need a passport.

When Queen Elizabeth heads out on any one of her tours, she doesn’t really have to worry about a passport. In Great Britain, every passport is issued in the Queen’s name. Hence, she herself doesn’t need to carry one. That’s exactly why international travel is way easier for Queen Elizabeth than it is for you.

She doesn’t need to pay taxes. 

While some of the United Kingdom’s tax money does go toward maintaining Queen Elizabeth’s lifestyle, she isn’t legally obliged to pay them herself. Honourably, she does anyway. Since 1992, Her Majesty has voluntarily paid income and capital gains tax. 

She doesn’t need a license.

If and when Queen Elizabeth decides to head out on a joyride, she doesn’t need to stop by the DMV first. Her majesty isn’t required to carry a license, or to pass a driver’s test.

Fortunately for everyone else on the road, the 91-year-old reigning monarch was a truck driver for the military during World War II, and is perfectly capable of taking the wheel. 

She doesn’t need to drive the speed limit.

Whether Queen Elizabeth is the one driving or just along for the ride, her royal authority allows her to go as fast or as slow as she pleases. The PM and the royal family are driven by the police so the driver would be exempt because the police have an exemption in law.

She’s immune to prosecution.

If you ever catch Her Majesty breaking a law that isn’t on this list, don’t expect much to come out of it. It is legally and in every other aspect impossible to sue or prosecute Queen Elizabeth. 

She can eat swan.

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Well, this does not mean she has actually ever dined on a swan. But, if at all she wanted to, she could. According to the British laws, only the Queen can eat a swan and no-one else. 

She can own all the dolphins.

It’s just because of a bizarre rule that dates back to the 1300’s. The reigning monarch technically owns all the sturgeons, whales, and dolphins in the waters around the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth also owns all the swans in the river, Thames.