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How this British law, passed in 2013, changed the life of Princess Charlotte forever?


Well, into the 21st century the British law favoured male primogeniture, or that a male child has a greater right to the throne than a female child.

The only reason Queen Elizabeth ascended to the British throne in the first place was that her father, King George, had two daughters.

This whole thing was steeped in irony. The country with the strongest female ruling monarchs: Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, didn’t really want them in the first place.

Under the old rules, if the new child was a boy, it would leapfrog Princess Charlotte in the line of succession. She wouldn’t have become fourth in line to the throne.

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That significant drop would also mean that if Prince George was ever to abdicate the throne, Princess Charlotte will be skipped over just because of her gender.
Luckily or fortunately, the newest and the smallest Royal baby among the Royal Family will come with no such family politics. Also, Princess Charlotte will stay where she rightfully is now.

The new heir will change British succession history.

In 2013, legislation dating back to the 17th century was amended under the ‘Succession to the Crown Act’. This particular amendment declared that the order of succession now is determined by the order of their birth, rather than gender. It stated that the male heirs don’t take precedence over their sisters.

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Now, this means a baby boy cannot ‘bump’ our little Princess Charlotte from her spot. However, Prince Harry will move down to sixth in line with the new arrival, along with the rest of the extended Royal relatives.

From the Author:

The baby is Queen Elizabeth’s third great-grandchild and is behind his grandfather and heir Prince Charles, father William and siblings George and Charlotte in the line to the throne.
A 2013 change to the law means for the first time in British history a new prince will not supplant his older sister in the order of succession.