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Book about Queen’s sex life sparks outrage.


The controversial book, which details Queen Elizabeth’s healthy sexual appetite has actually been slammed by royal experts. 

Outrageous claims about Her Majesty and Prince Philip’s sex life were published in this particular book. 

Lady Colin Campbell’s unfounded stories include details of the Queen’s healthy sexual appetite and how the Duke of Edinburgh has such an eye for the ladies. 

She also suggests Princess Margaret once told her sister, in an act of vengeance, that Philip had been unfaithful to her, sending the reigning monarch into a deep depression.

Lady Colin has already been speculated about it all.

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For years, the 68-year-old has been a scourge of the royal family. And, many were questioning whether it was appropriate for her to make such claims against the most senior royal couple. 

Judy Wade commented on this saying: “I have never seen Lady Colin Campbell with a member of the royal family. Neither has she been on a job about the royal family. You can say whatever you like about Queen Elizabeth because she won’t sue. But, it doesn’t mean it’s true”.

All about Lady Colin Campbell’s new book.

In her 320-page book, she reveals what she says are secrets of the royal bedchamber. Ms Campbell insists that a variety of sources told her of Philip and the Queen’s sexual passion. 

She also said that Prince Philip confided in his brother, David Milford Haven, that Elizabeth had a very healthy appetite sexually. But, the fact of the matter is Mr David was never Prince Philip’s brother.

Lady Colin also described Philip as a great flirt.

She claimed she had the first-hand experience. She said: “He loves the company of beautiful women. I don’t know any pretty girl he hasn’t flirted with. He’s flirted with me before”.

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Lady Colin’s book also suggests that when Queen Elizabeth helped prevent Margaret marrying divorced equerry Peter Townsend, her sister took revenge and spread rumours about Philip cheating.

But doubts were raised about how well-placed Lady Colin really is to know such intimate details.

Judy Wade, who has written seven books about the Royals, said: “She does dish the dirt. Readers should actually approach with caution. I will not dignify anything Lady Colin Campbell writes or says”.