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A body language expert analyses Meghan and Kate’s relationship.


With Megan soon going to be Prince Harry’s wife, she will also have other relations to look after. One of those will be Meghan’s relationship with Kate as sister-in-law.

There seems to be respect for one another.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton recently appeared at their first official engagement together, at the Royal Foundation Forum. They were present alongside their other halves. 

William, Kate, Harry and Meghan discussed about their charitable work they have done and what will they focus on next in the future. A sweet and kind gesture which came to our notice: Meghan and Kate were matching in blue outfits, with the Markle opting for a Jason Wu navy dress and Middleton going for a lighter maternity dress from Seraphine.

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Although there isn’t much evidence of Meghan and Kate together yet.

Though Meghan hinted that she had formed a close allegiance with Kate Middleton in her engagement interview, saying that she had been a ‘wonderful’ support as she adjusted to royal life.

But we wanted to know a bit more about all of this. So, we asked body language expert and author, Judi James to give her thoughts by analysing their on-stage interactions.Take a look on what she told us:

A strong family vibe.

Judi says both of their smiley expressions strongly portrayed that there was a ‘strong family vibe’ that had formed between Meghan and Kate. 

Mutual respect.

“There also seemed to be a ‘team member’ respect for one another. But, they also seemed to steer clear of any more overt displays of sisterly relationship. Although all of Meghan’s attention was on her fiance, Harry. But, when Kate spoke, Meghan sat listening intently”.

Two different personalities.

According to Judi, the way Meghan and Kate approach their royal duties is totally different. How can we tell that? We can actually tell that from watching their body language.

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“Meghan’s approach is hugely ‘hit-the-ground-running’ with her upright posture. Not to forget, her trait of sitting with one elbow in partial splay mode suggests high levels of confidence and a desire to get her message across”.

“While however, Kate is more of a calm person, simpler approach, sitting back in her chair with a rather demure hand clasp giving me a glimpse of what being a royal must have taught her. What is it? It’s probably when people listen anyway with no need to ramp up the passion and drama”.