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Body language experts analyze Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with her children.

Body language

The Queen clearly plays favorites. We’ve heard a fair share about the original royal fab four: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. 

We know and admire them as public figures, but, beyond closed doors, they’re still a mystery.

What about their relationship with their parents? That’s a whole another story. “While Queen Elizabeth is groomed and trained in posture, you can still tell how much she adores her children,” Susan Constantine, human behavioral expert and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reading Body Language, told While the love goes both ways, the Queen has a unique relationship with each of her four children — and some are better than others.

  • Prince Charles

For starters, the Queen is often noticed with her firstborn prince Charles way more than her other kids. Perhaps, it’s because he is next in line to the throne. “It’s fascinating to notice that their relationship is incredibly fun and rollicking,” Constantine tells us. “When they are along, they are both totally embracing the moment.” virtually, it’s like there is not anyone else in the room when they are together.

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Obviously, their public relationship is more prim and proper than most mother and son. while the handhold follows protocol, it additionally displays grade of intimacy and emotion, which is something you do not see every day… particularly from royals.

  • Princess Anne

As the only female offspring of the Queen, it seems that Princess Anne had it tougher than the boys, at least according to Constantine. “If I did not know they were mother and daughter, I would not assume they are connected.” the distance and formality between them is obvious however one may just chalk it up to protocol, Patti Wood, body language expert and author of  SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, tells “Although they hold hands and kiss each other their bodies still stay so much apart.” basically, they are close however not that close.

  • Prince Andrew

The admiration that Prince Andrew has for his mother is unmatched. “You can see it in his eyes,” says Constantine. “His eyes are perpetually in the direction of the Queen, which is the manner that he honors and respects her.”

  • Prince Edward

With one look, it’s very obvious that Prince Edward is the Queen’s precious very little boy. when she’s around him, she stretches her neck toward him, leans her shoulders, and incorporates a real smile. “Her body language is screaming, ‘that’s my baby!‘ says Constantine.

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When given the chance, the Queen splits her time equally between her 2 youngest sons. “It’s a decent sign that there is equal distance between the two of them,” explains Constantine.

  • The Final Verdict

The Queen’s relationship with her children is unlike basically every other family on the earth. “There’s an immediate barrier between them,” explains Wood. “Their relationships are not indicative of a standard family relationship because the kids ought to understand that their mother loves them without receiving physical touch.”