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The Queen sends her condolences for her close friend, Billy Graham. How were they related?


Billy Graham, who died this Wednesday at the age of 99, was a good friend to a number of leaders. This friend list counted Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II among them.

Billy Graham and Queen Elizabeth were very close friends with each other.

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Some of the words from Mr Graham himself for the Queen.

“No one in Great Britain has been more cordial towards us than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Mostly, every occasion I have been with her has been in a warm, informal setting. It was either a luncheon or dinner, or alone and on some occasions, with a few family members”. The America’s best-known evangelist, wrote it in ‘Just As I Am’, his 1997 autobiography.

The Grahams visited Britain’s royal family at locations including two of Queen Elizabeth’s private estates. 

It either used to be Windsor Castle, near London or the Sandringham estate, in eastern England. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association gave a statement in an article to mark the reigning monarch’s 90th birthday in the year 2016:

“Her Majesty’s official position has prevented her from openly endorsing our crusade meetings. But, she has always welcomed us and with open hearts. Having me preach personally on several occasions at Windsor and Sandringham, she has gone long way to be supportive of our mission”. 

The strong bond of friendship between Graham and Queen Elizabeth was also depicted in the Netflix series, ‘The Crown’.

Though, some great and famous historians say a few creative liberties were taken while making the series. Some of the lines from the series, that might show the bond both shared.

“I think he’s rather handsome”, says Claire Foy, who plays the Queen on the show. She tells this to her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip after seeing Graham preach. Then later on the Queen is seen saying, “You do speak with such wonderful clarity and certainty, Mr Graham”. 

Justin Welby, the leader of the Church of England also said something about Mr Graham. 

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He gave a statement saying: “Mr Graham has few equals. He was a man, who met presidents, preachers, the monarchs, the musicians and even the poor, the rich, the young and the old, face to face. Yet now, he is face to face with Jesus Christ, his saviour and ours. It is that one meeting he has looked forward to for all his life”.