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Lies about school life of Queen Elizabeth; Her Majesty’s school life


Queen Elizabeth has broken many records after she ascended the throne in 1952. One less known fact is that she and her sister, Princess Margaret, were the last to be educated by private tutors from home.

Up to the age of seven, Princess Elizabeth was taught by her mother in reading and writing. Actually, Queen Elizabeth never went to any school.

After her father became the King, their governess Marion Crawford homeschooled the two princesses. Marion Crawford was an Edinburgh graduate and was, more or less, like a second mother to the girls. In addition to the education provided by Marion, tutors taught further lessons to the young Elizabeth.

Henry Marten, the provost of Eton taught the princess’ constitutional history. Queen Elizabeth also learnt how to speak fluent French from her other governesses. Besides English, her other fluent languages are German and French. She used to take part actively in subjects like math, history, dancing, art and singing.

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Different from the rest, even during school days.

Her Majesty was quite different from the younger generation of royals. Royals kids were expected to have top schooling, but the Queen had other ideas and wanted some experience. In World War II, the princess was part of the Auxiliary Territorial Service repairing vehicles.

After being given the responsibility of leading the nation as the Queen at a very young age, Her Majesty elegantly slipped into her position. Textbook lessons are handy sometimes but are nothing without first-hand experience.

That first-hand experience had to come later then her parent’s would have hoped with the war restricting travel. Until the age of 17, Princess Elizabeth mostly stayed at Windsor Castle until at that point she joined her parents in public outings. Taking a full public role at 18.

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Despite all this, few can say The Queen has never fulfilled her role. Over her years, her travels, her thousands of hands shaken, it is with out a doubt that The Queen has possessed an education more than any of us could hope for.

Some have gone as far as to compare Queen Elizabeth to a “housewife” due to the lack of a “serious education”, but in her youth, her parents did their best to give her what was a typical royal education while maintaining her childhood in a life that was never meant to be hers.