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Why royal baby’s name will be revealed two days after birth?


The birth of William and Kate’s third child is just few days away. Looking at the excitement, we have taken an initiative to give every update on the royal baby.

Well, here is an update for our readers.

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and Prince William will reveal the name of their third born two days after they welcome him into the world. Well, the baby is going to arrive soon, this April.

If the royal tradition is anything to go by, fans will have to wait 48 hours before they know the name of the new arrival. The baby is due in April 2018 and will soon be with us.

Must be wondering why?

Well, this is because the names of the baby’s elder brother and sister, George and Charlotte were made two days after they were welcomed into the world.

Kate and William’s decision to reveal their babies’ names so soon bucks tradition. How? As the world did not find out Prince Charles’ name until the day of his christening at Buckingham Palace.

Gill Knappett, a royal author said:-

“The names given to both George and Charlotte were made known just two days after they were born. But, the name of their paternal grandfather was not made public until the day of his christening. It was a full month after his birth: Charles Philip Arthur George”.

“Their father, Prince William too, was unnamed when he left the hospital. Though he has a name-tag identifying him only as ‘Baby Wales’. It was a week before his name became known: William Arthur Philip Louis”.

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As tradition holds, the world may be forced to wait hours to hear of the new baby’s arrival. So. William and Kate can enjoy a few precious hours with their new baby. Also, they can prepare for the ordeal of facing hundreds of paparazzi gathering outside St Mary’s Hospital.