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Asking for ‘Autographs’ from The Royal Family is prohibited. But why ?

There are some rules to be followed by each member of The Royal Family. The Royal Family follows the policy of ‘NO AUTOGRAPHS’ to the people.

According to the protocols of The Royal Family, they are not allowed to sign any documents other than those of The Royal ones.

Neither are they allowed to give autographs to people just like that. If you ever get the chance to meet a member of the British Royal Family, please don’t ask for an autograph. Not only is it a breach of The Royal protocol, but their likely response will be, ” I am Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that”.

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Prince William was taken aback when he was asked for an autograph by his wife.

Unlike celebrities, Royals cannot afford to have their signature forged. As it can possibly be used against them at a later point in any of the scandalous things.


Royals may sign visitors books’ or official documents.

A local teen takes a selfie in front of Queen Elizabeth II


In 2010, Prince Charles surprised everyone. He broke the protocol to sign an autograph for victims of the Cornwall floods. While meeting with a couple, he was asked a question. “Can I be really cheeky please, Sir and can I have your autograph for my young son Tom?

Prince William on being asked for an autograph

I’m not sure if you do autographs but it would make his day”? Prince Charles then shocked his bodyguards when he asked one of them to find a piece of paper for him to sign. He wrote “Charles 2010” and even apologized for the “shaky writing”. As Prince Charles “never writes standing up”.

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