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Queen Elizabeth’s new portrait has a ‘Silver Brooch’ with hidden meaning for 150th anniversary of Canada

It’s the “Happy Canada Day” today. Queen Elizabeth wishes you all a very Happy Canada Day! On this Friday, Buckingham Palace released a very new portrait of the 91-year-old monarch, Queen Elizabeth to mark Canada’s 150th “birthday” today itself.   In this very portrait, taken by the Toronto-based photographer, Ian Leslie Macdonald, the Queen of …

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Asking for ‘autographs’ from the royal family is prohibited. But why ?

The Royal Family follows the policy of ‘no autographs’ to the people and everyone must follow this rule. According to the protocols, royals are not allowed to give autographs or sign any documents other than royal ones. Yes, it is true, the members of the royal family are completely forbidden from giving autographs. If you …