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The advice Princess Diana would have given Prince Harry about marriage.


The excitement over Prince Harry’s marriage to Ms Meghan Markle comes with mixed emotions. Unfortunately his mother, Princess Diana, isn’t there to share this joy with him.

Princess Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton shared some thoughts about what she would have told her son, Harry on his engagement.


“It’s one of the days like today when I really miss having my mother around and miss being able to share this happy news with her”.

“Diana would have told him to know your own heart. Because when she herself listened to her heart, she actually realized she didn’t want to continue in this sham of a marriage. Well, I think that with Harry, she would have been truly thrilled that he is followed his heart. This is exactly what she always wanted for her boys”.

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“Also Meghan is 16 years older than Diana when she got married, she’s her own woman. In the first engagement interview between Prince Charles and Diana, she was 20. She was very much shy, nervous and was blushing”.

“Now, just take a look at the 2017 version of a future royal bride-to-be. We’ve got a woman who is glossy, groomed, and for sure glamorous. She’s totally camera-ready”.

Meghan and Harry could change the royal family almost as profoundly as Princess Diana did back in her time.

Meghan Markle has a very powerful and a task filled with responsibilities because she symbolizes the modern Britain. She has every tool to take up Diana’s mantle as a ‘Princess of the People’. Far more than Prince Harry or even Prince William in a way, Markle is used to the camera. So, she will connect with the public in a unique way that other royal members find more difficult.

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Morton indeed thinks the royal wedding venue says something about what type of couple Meghan and Harry would like to be.

“It is a sign that they’re not going to be full-on attention seeking royals. Because if they wanted to, they could have gone for Westminster Abbey. With the venue being St. George’s Chapel, it’s more like a low-key wedding”.

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“But then, I think they’re going to find it quite difficult to keep a low profile wedding. That is because Meghan has blossomed into this role, and people in England are genuinely excited by her arrival into the royal family”.