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Could an adopted child ever become the King or Queen of England?


The royal family loves protocol and tradition like the Kardashians love social media, which is to say, a lot. And they take it all seriously! 

 It would mean changing tradition in a big way.

These royal rules range from serious to cute to downright trivial. And many royal experts believe that the royal family’s strict adherence to tradition is a source of comfort for their subjects. Well, no. That’s not the case. 

Dr Donna Rockwell, a clinical psychologist who specializes in celebrity and fame, recently told Glamour that:-

“It’s comforting to see a structure that seems to create a semblance of order. In the same way, I think that when an adult is feeling a sense of inner chaos, it’s really comforting”.

“We see the structure, and we feel comforted. There’s actually a neurological response of relaxation that occurs in our brain in seeing Her Majesty, and the line of succession”.

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What does the law say about an adopted child becoming the King or Queen of England?

The historical answer is a firm no, not gonna happen. A member of the royal family is unlikely to adopt a child. 

“Adopted children would not have succession rights or a title”, Marlene Koenig, the internationally recognised expert on British and European royalty. 

She explains: “To have succession rights, you have to be a protestant descendant of the Electress Sophia”.

Will the royal family allow adopted children into the line of succession in the future?

Royal commentator, Eloise Parker says:-

“It would take an act of parliament to pass a new law including adopted kids as heirs to the British throne. And while this act is feasible, so far, there hasn’t been any need to make it happen”.

“Also, there definitely won’t be any for several years several decades. The next time it could even be an issue would be when George decides to start a family”. 

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Why might the British family decide not to allow an adopted child into the line of succession?

The arguments against the likelihood of the royal family changing the line of succession to include adopted children all basically come down to variations.

The British royal family is indeed moving with time. But, it’s a slow process because the unchanging traditions surrounding them are a huge part of their appeal. While the politics is unpredictable, the royal family stays the same, and that forms a big part of Britain’s national identity.